Ofelia Olivero, Ph.D.

Branch Chief at National Cancer Institute (NCI) Center for Cancer Training

A long overdue effort, the National Origin Alliance, will be the conduit to end national origin discrimination. As any type of negative bias, national origin discrimination is a silent and pervasive rival of emerging talent, innovation and creativity in the workplace. Diversity and inclusion are positive factors reported by successful organizations and are constantly being challenged by issues like the one NOA is trying to address. Hopefully, there is a path to be transited now to remove this factor from the working force in the US.

Katherine E. Soule, Ph.D.

Director of UC Cooperative Extension

Unfortunately, discrimination in the workplace is real in our society today. Discrimination negatively affects individuals' wellbeing, job satisfaction, and productivity. Ultimately, discrimination in the workplace creates increased turnover and reduces organizational effectiveness. Solutions must address individuals' knowledge and attitudes, organizational systems and policies, community social norms, and public policy. The work undertaken by the National Origin Alliance supports improvements across all these levels of influence, ultimately to bring an end to national origin discrimination in workplaces around the nation. These efforts pave the way to improved work environments that celebrate diversity, recognize individuals' authentic selves, and increase satisfaction & productivity.

Harini Nalam

Engineering Leader

As an Engineering professional working in multi-national companies and global organizations, I understand the need for this. Incorporating these into workplace policies, would actually make everyone aware and help the victims in certain situations. I have noticed this growing more in the current pandemic times. Beyond the workplace, this is important for every responsible citizen to adhere by and be sensitive to. I am happy this has emerged – a check for people who take this for granted.