About Us


We are utilizing a research-proven multi-sectorial novel approach to eradicate national origin discrimination in the workplace. We have created an open forum, bringing like-minded stakeholders, individuals, institutes of higher education, public and private employers together for collective impact to champion diversity and inclusion in recruitment and retention and eradicate national origin discrimination. We are strengthening the social fabric of our country by sharing inspirational stories and examples of those who rose above the discrimination and reached unimaginable success and laid an inspirational path for others to follow. We are providing education, leadership, open forum, mental health services, and amplifying the collective impact via coalition, and advocating to law makers for effective policy measures to end and prevent national origin discrimination. We welcome you to join us in this important journey and our vision of a society that we are humans first and together we are much stronger than the descriptors that divide and categorize us. We believe that moving forward, together, towards an inclusive society is paramount to finding effective solutions to the most pressing issues we face in the 21st century.